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Imperial Witch.

what hath quenched them hath given me fire

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terra is Alex: amateur historian, professional oxymoron. Layout by spire

(un)dead romantics, 12th century french literature, 16-bit treasure hunters, 19th century british literature, alexander hamilton, alexandre dumas, alias, american history, amory blaine, amphisbena*, ashley riot's hair, author deathmatches, bartlett's familiar quotations, being a pretentious jackass, bleach, books, catholic!vampire!batman (and friends), cecil harvey, cecil/rosa/kain, celes chère, character shrines, charles dickens, children's fantasy, conrad's fate, disney villain themesongs, dist's revenge journal, downstabbing dragoons, drawing, duels, edgar roni figaro, edmond dantès, edmund pevensie, eustace clarence scrubb, everyday is sasarday, evil tom sawyer, f. scott fitzgerald, fanlistings, fate, final fantasy iv, final fantasy vi, final fantasy with pixels, fist-shaking, fitzgerald's literary alter egos, foppish wizards, french romantics, glory, guy cecil, hareton earnshaw, harmonia: more than just an hp ship, hating aaron burr, henry fielding's gratuitous self-insertion, heroes, heroic death, ideals, irina derevko, ishida ryuuken, ishida uryuu, jack bristow/spork otp, jacksonian democracy, jade curtiss, jane austen's bad boys, jermey irons: destroyer of worlds, jimmy olsen's wtfckery empire, john locke, jonathan edwards, kain highwind, killing isaac newton, king arthur's albino offspring, kurosaki isshin, laguna loire, leviathan, lirael/nick, living in the past, locke cole, locke's magical sex bandana, making fun of squall, mark twain, marshall/jackson deathmatch!, mike newton: scourge of the undead, mogget, mumbling insults in french, naked james purefoy, naked professor james purefoy, nash clovis, nash latkje, nash/sierra, necromancers with glasses, necrophilia final fantasy style!!, nicholas john andrew sayre, nick/lirael, old kingdom, peony's rappigs, pimp king of figaro, plotting vengeance in general, plotting vengeance on newton, prince sameth, princess zelda, puns, really bad horror films, reno, resurrecting the whig party, revolutions, rpg hairstyles, runaways, running my webempire, sasarai's hat, serialized adventure fiction, shade's children, sidekicks turned cyborg assassin, space vampires, stardust the super wizard, stephen maturin, suddenly it's euram barrows!, suikoden, sullying byron's (literary) reputation, super smash bros melee, super-skilled harmonian spies, swords, sydney carton, sydney losstarot, tales of et cetera, ten dollar bills, tetris, the enlightenment, the first church of lezard valeth, the founding fathers, the legend of zelda, the mysterious gourmet, the napoleonic wars, the nono zone, the office, the society of jesus, things named "percival", thinking the x-men are lame, thucydides warrior scribe, tigermilk*, us history, vagrant story, valkyrie profile, veronica mars, video games, violence, webdesign, when david anders is hot, wizards with tophats, yoshitaka amano, zelos wilder, zexen knights, zexen? mo' like sexen!, τίμη

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