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Pretentious Quote
"Tu deviens responsable pour toujours de ce que tu as apprivoisé."

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Internet access...disappearing...

Sending distress singnal...from across...a Gymboree...

60% off...mini-dresses for toddlers...

Send Vitamin water...am inexplicably addicted to it...even though it is just watered down gatorade...

Edit: which is to say, Comcast decided the internet shouldn't work at my apartment, o woe terrible and great.

So this is a pretty silly post for purposes of memes. Personally, I blame Isaac Newton.

Take a picture of yourself as you are. Don't edit it, don't stop to put on makeup, just photo cap you RIGHT THIS SECOND!!

obviously this calls for an lj cutCollapse )

get to know me

I guess on that note, I finally put up an FAQ/extended profile of sorts because I really meant to do it a long time ago. Also, my s key has disappeared from my keyboard. It came loose and fell off, just like a tooth, but I expect if I put it under my pillow I'll only get a billing statement. Shenanigans.

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So those of you who, for whatever sordid and nerdy reason, read Marvel previews catalogs, might have noticed something. Something with boobs. For those of you who don't read the Marvel previews catalog (and I mean who does that that would be sordid and nerdy) I recreate a page for you below, behind a flist cut of some sort.

Beware!! FEMALES!!Collapse )

Now, I've already had men patiently explain to me that a female creator anthology is sexist and wrong and means that females are being forced into a ghetto. A ghetto of GIRLS!! (Where cooties must surely reign.) I admit a female fronted major event for the sake of a female fronted major event makes me a bit skeptical, because let's be honest: it's a major event, and that can't be good. But I'm willing to reserve my cries of righteous indignation and flaunting of my oppressed minority status until I get more than a one sentence blurb. I'm also not unaware that all of the key players in Siege, as identified by the "Origins of" special, are 100% white men, unless we're giving Loki shapeshifter credit. That and Blackest Night is featuring an "Ex-Girlfriends in Supremely Practical Space Swimsuits" corps. Maybe I shouldn't think about this too much, as this isn't what this post is about.

tl;dr— like a superpower, in a wayCollapse )

Meanwhile, in a less serious post!!


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