locke iv

A bad enough dude.

I was tagged for this by quipquipquip: Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

➜ Locke I'm not sure I can explain this in any novel way, but Locke is some kind of crazy hair-color-shifting metamorphagus slash my very favorite sixteen bit necrophiliac. I dunno. For me, I've always been quite into the whole dashing rogue archetype. (and the "always been" statement here is kind of misleading. As I've sort of been obsessed with Locke since I was like, nine.) But the thing that lets him still be my favorite character is because he's also Woosley-translated pixelated deconstruction of the archetype. His story is about how heroic quests can destroy a person, the selfish side of selfishness. Plus, you know, he has a key part in an opera stopped by a giant, punning, octopus.

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Oh, and my horrific experiment in manga coloring has ended!! There are surprisingly few shots of Nash's shoes in the manga, alas.

More pictures of my cat!!

I found the my other cat, Smoke, sleeping on my bed yesterday. He's a skittish cat, so he's hard to get pictures of, but because he was still sleepy, I a few nicer shots of him. Okay, not great, but we've learned that cats and cameras are mutually incomprehensible.

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The other thing I've been doing is slowly coloring in panels of the Suikoden III manga so I can have Nash icons. Observe! Though really, having embarked on this quest, I've mostly decided it isn't worth the time and effort. I'm too stubborn to stop, really, until I get all the icons I want, but I don't understand how some talented people out there make whole batches of colored icons on a regular basis.

I, too, can be shallow.

First things first, I finally put a new layout up at terra. It's based off one of spire's, which was in turn based off the layout at typesites. It's also based of, y'know, Opal, which would be a nice style if everything weren't wrong with it ever. And by everything, I mean the sidebar. I'm probably going to fiddle around with it some, and maybe even see if I can get custom comments pages to work without nesting, &c, but that is a job for another romantic afternoon spent in the company s2howto.

But, on the subject of layouts!! As I was saying to whisperwords, font like this is impossible to read, so don't do it. Unless you're trying to level up in illegible or you are James Bond and don't want the Communists intercepting your coded messages, there's no reason for your layouts to be impossible to read. So stop doing it, 99% of layout communities.

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Also, I bought a McFlurry today and the ice cream in it isn't melting like normal ice cream. I'm kind of creeped out.

It was a social experiment.

So, uh, hi.

Apologies for not posting for however many months. I got pretty caught up in working on my thesis and that got me generally unmotivated to post here, which was really really lame of me, but it's over and now I am done with school and all that. And I really do want to post here, now, and be back and do stupid internet things ++ level up in nerd and all that fun stuff.

Plus you know, the giant red Rambaldi ball ate me on the way to its strange cameo in the Star Trek movie. J.J. Abrams, you are not sly enough for me. What's that?? a distraction from my lame 6-month failure?? Could it be--

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Also I decided to archive/post my fic and icons and stuff at a community-- thespoils. This way no one will be subjected to that horror unless they bring it on themselves.

ALSO ALSO I have a dreamwidth here and I couldn't register "terra" because it was already taken but I think I tried to add all of you even if that didn't work out so well. So, uh, that.

The earth says hello!

So hi there livejournal, this is an official posting of I'M BACK from hiatus and finals and generally the ends of the earth. Thank you guys so much for your comments on this post, it really meant a lot to me.

That, uh, doesn't mean I have anything interesting to report other than that. Except I'm 23 today? And my brother bought me Chrono Trigger DS? Happy birthday to daemon and PETER PETRELLI as well.

Creative Avoidance of Court and Convent

So I just saw a crumb of chocolate cake on my bed. And I tried to eat it, enjoying chocolate as I do.

Except, actually, it was lint.


Further updates when I finally understand what happens in La Princesse de Clèves, and can explain it in terms that would make the SAT Verbal weep.

He certainly saved America from an awful fate.

Hey I don't have anything new to report or any interesting observations or anything, so instead I will post scans of things I have not really drawn recently. Boss!

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And, stolen from paperclipchains because I really want to talk about shipping for some strange reason:

a) I want to talk about how my ships and concept of shipping varies with fandom, so name a fandom and I'll discuss what I ship and what shipping means to me in that fandom.

b) I have a lot of fandoms.
(No kidding!) Have you ever wondered about one of the fandom I sometimes mention on my journal which you don't know of? Ask me any question you want about them!

EDIT: GODDAMN IT 18th CENTURY PRINTING, why are you so hard to read??