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So, I've been taking Russian, thus keeping up the liberal arts major spirit of total impracticality. I'm still at that awful "learning the alphabet" stage. It's worse, because I've previously studied Greek, which means that I want to read most of the letters like their Greek counterparts (similarly to how I pronounce all non-English languages with a terrible French accent.) This usually works, but the н is tripping me up, I keep wanting it to be η!! And it turns out that one of those letters is a vowel, and one of them sounds like the English letter n.

I've also been doing a fair bit of work at [community profile] vigils, the graphics/layout/fic/identity crisis community I established on a whim at DW. I've coded two layouts for DW so far, and am quite pleased with how easy it is to style it!! My next goal is to successfully submit an official style and make out like a mad usertoken bandit.

The other thing is that I have been all football football football basically this whole season but especially last Saturday when Alex Smith became some awesome and terrible spiral-ball throwing force, but only in the last five minutes. We shall see this weekend how many minutes of intense staring and wasted passes it will take him to go super saiyan. And because when I like things I inevitably start trolling the internets for more information, here is a super-interesting article about the integration of the NFL in the early 1960s.
Tags: there are no furries in this entry, unexpected dbz references

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