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So, I've been taking Russian, thus keeping up the liberal arts major spirit of total impracticality. I'm still at that awful "learning the alphabet" stage. It's worse, because I've previously studied Greek, which means that I want to read most of the letters like their Greek counterparts (similarly to how I pronounce all non-English languages with a terrible French accent.) This usually works, but the н is tripping me up, I keep wanting it to be η!! And it turns out that one of those letters is a vowel, and one of them sounds like the English letter n.

I've also been doing a fair bit of work at [community profile] vigils, the graphics/layout/fic/identity crisis community I established on a whim at DW. I've coded two layouts for DW so far, and am quite pleased with how easy it is to style it!! My next goal is to successfully submit an official style and make out like a mad usertoken bandit.

The other thing is that I have been all football football football basically this whole season but especially last Saturday when Alex Smith became some awesome and terrible spiral-ball throwing force, but only in the last five minutes. We shall see this weekend how many minutes of intense staring and wasted passes it will take him to go super saiyan. And because when I like things I inevitably start trolling the internets for more information, here is a super-interesting article about the integration of the NFL in the early 1960s.

A story about Portland, OR

I was recounting this tale recently and decided it needed to be framed and hung on my internet wall.

'Twas brilling, and I had just purchased a copy of Breaking Dawn and was thus feeling self-superior by comparison. Walking down from the bookstore towards the bus stop, hands gripped on twiny shopping-bag handles, I encountered a man and his companion. The man was a large, round sort with spiked hair and traces of black lipstick. The woman was wearing cat ears.

Quoth the man, rather loudly, "I'm not a furry, I'm just a fetishist." This, by the way, transpired in close proximity to the NC-17 sometimes hentai theater downdown.

Then my bus came, and never did the warm bosom of public transportation seem so welcoming.


Water, water!

Internet access...disappearing...

Sending distress singnal...from across...a Gymboree...

60% for toddlers...

Send Vitamin inexplicably addicted to it...even though it is just watered down gatorade...

Edit: which is to say, Comcast decided the internet shouldn't work at my apartment, o woe terrible and great.

Yea, I am today lacking in inspiration

So this is a pretty silly post for purposes of memes. Personally, I blame Isaac Newton.

Take a picture of yourself as you are. Don't edit it, don't stop to put on makeup, just photo cap you RIGHT THIS SECOND!!

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get to know me

I guess on that note, I finally put up an FAQ/extended profile of sorts because I really meant to do it a long time ago. Also, my s key has disappeared from my keyboard. It came loose and fell off, just like a tooth, but I expect if I put it under my pillow I'll only get a billing statement. Shenanigans.

How to get your girlfriend to read comics!!

So those of you who, for whatever sordid and nerdy reason, read Marvel previews catalogs, might have noticed something. Something with boobs. For those of you who don't read the Marvel previews catalog (and I mean who does that that would be sordid and nerdy) I recreate a page for you below, behind a flist cut of some sort.

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Now, I've already had men patiently explain to me that a female creator anthology is sexist and wrong and means that females are being forced into a ghetto. A ghetto of GIRLS!! (Where cooties must surely reign.) I admit a female fronted major event for the sake of a female fronted major event makes me a bit skeptical, because let's be honest: it's a major event, and that can't be good. But I'm willing to reserve my cries of righteous indignation and flaunting of my oppressed minority status until I get more than a one sentence blurb. I'm also not unaware that all of the key players in Siege, as identified by the "Origins of" special, are 100% white men, unless we're giving Loki shapeshifter credit. That and Blackest Night is featuring an "Ex-Girlfriends in Supremely Practical Space Swimsuits" corps. Maybe I shouldn't think about this too much, as this isn't what this post is about.

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Meanwhile, in a less serious post!!


Hail, traveler, and hello.

Hi, internet person. You seem to have found my livejournal. Let's learn some neat things about it!

This is a personal journal, but only in the sense that I use it for personal purposes. It's not the place where I talk about my feelings, aside for occasional fangirl rage. My transcendental poetry about my dream experiences as a rare past-life werewolf are locked to me and me alone. It's not quite a fandom journal, as I participate in fandom with alarming irregularity and a reckless abandon, but, it is pretty close. Basically: this is my space, I post what I like. Most content isn't friends-locked, so you can get an idea of what's typical by browsing.

My fandoms are weird and you probably don't share all of them, and that is a-okay. I dabble, and sometimes I'll post about a certain thing once and then you'll never hear about the topic ever again. I love books: I have a soft spot for the English romantics and enjoy picturing them hunting vampires or perhaps starring in a fighting game of some sort. Tom Jones is probably my ideal work of literature, so clearly, my superpower is to leap terrifying pagecounts in a single bound. Sometimes I watch TV. I also have a love of Top Chef and other reality cooking programming. Things can always uses more foam. I'm a gamer. Generally, JRPGs of flavors various and sundry, but I've also been known to whip out the Age of Empires and rock the Byzantines all night long!! I experience many genres of videogame, really. Also, to complete my nerd level up and place the +5 crown of basement-dwelling on my head, I also read comics. I actively follow the Marvel Universe, I keep tabs on certain DCU peeps, and I read a lot of gritty crime grit grit comics with swearing and boobs.

I also treat history as though it were a fandom. My longterm boyfriend is the Early American Republic, but recent affairs include the long nineteenth century, the world wars, and the Norman Conquest. Me and the Early Republic? We're in an open relationship.

I make websites sometimes, and am the devious personality behind I am also the Alex that ran,, and you might remember that if you are my internet stalker. (Internet stalker, please call me later, I've always wanted your autograph!)

Fandom participation can be found @ thespoils, my fic and icon community.

Basically, if you think a crossover between Twilight and Final Fantasy IV would be spectacular and completely fitting, this is probably a good journal to follow. If you want to speculate about what the livejournal alias of Thomas Jefferson would be, and whether Madison is really just his sockpuppet, this is also a good journal! Occasionally I dabble in some good old-fashioned pop-culture meta-commentary. But the internet is a silly place, and à Rome, fait comme les Romains.

So let's bust out that EFF AE CUE:

Can I friend you?
You can friend anyone, mysterious questioner, myself included! This isn't a coolkids only table, and I will most likely add you back.

Do I, uh, have to say anything?
If you want to drop me a line by commenting on this post, it'd be appreciated, because I like to know who's lurking about. But no, you don't have to. I'll almost always add you back regardless. The criteria for being my friend is generally wanting to be my friend.

Do you post anything friends locked?
Aye, thar be friends only content at this here journal. Possibly in imaginary pirate dialect. But it's mostly along the same lines of what you find posted here public, and locked posts are pretty rare.

Where is your layout from?
It's a stylesheet I modified from one of spire's. Yeah, I did some fiddling around in the S2 layers, and in the process I might have accidentally summoned a triple-mouthed beast from beyond the twelfth veil. Though I am fluent in HTML and CSS, I don't generally make my LJ customizations available. If there's enough interest, maybe someday, but it ain't my bag.

What is this I don't even.

I've decided that I shall have to track down quipquipquip and force Suikoden III on her like a venereal disease. She will probably fall asleep before we get to the good parts.


But for the important part of this post!! I decided for one of my resolutions I am going to try to read more books, because I've fallen out of the habit. So help me, Flist-wan Kenobi!! Vous êtes ma seule espérance!! Give me book recommendations.

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1) It's very hot outside but the cat is large and warm and also he really wants to sit in people's laps. Perhaps he is senile. Has he not realized how it is hot outside and that people are also hot and that he is covered in fur?

2) I made the mistake of watching a Top Chef marathon and now I crave well-cooked meat with a side dish of fancymcfrenchcookingingredient. Meanwhile, my own culinary skills condemn me to a future of noodle bowl after microwavable noodle bowl.

3) I also started watching Avatar again, and I'm not really sure why, but for some reason every time I like Zuko (which really is most of the time) I get angry at myself for being a a fangirl cliché.

In this negative spirit, I give you!!

Name a fandom, and I'll give you the scoop on at least three of my unpopular opinions related to that fandom.